Tuesday tangents


I decided to enjoy a day off from my calorie counting and be bad lol.



Was freaking delicious and i loved every bite of it!!!! Of course today i ran slower than a slug.


Damn the dollar bins at target.

I had to hit target to get stocking stuffers for my roommates. We did our Christmas last night.


I finally caved and got an Eos chopstick. I like it but am not 100% sold yet.


I failed at wrapping this year.


Every year my roommate C makes ornaments for everyone who lives here :mrgreen: my initials are on the other side.


I got this awesome comfy sweater from my roommate E. How awesome is this pattern?!


This was C’s gift to me. She bought me a luau while we are in Hawaii!!


My mom got this for me hahahaha along with a kickass REI raincoat that is super cute. Its fashionable and functional.


But i have to admit, this is what i got most excited about lol. Its a calendar!!! I’ll get new tips and facts everday!!!

How was your holiday??

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