Welcome to adulthood Ariana

And the hits just keep on coming.

Tomorrow i get to read through all my health benefits and figure out percentages and what insurance should be  and whether it is or not. New insurance bills rolled in from my surgery which say that i am on the line for a little over 5 grand!!!! After some major panic and a conversation with my mom, some major confusion about the breakdown of my bills and some tears, i came to the realization that i get to walk step by step through every bill and charge and call Dr.s and hospitals and insurance and fight tooth and nail to get my stuff paid. Otherwise I’ll be slowly paying this off for the next 6 years. Oh goody another car payment! I want to be a kid again!!!!!!

On a happier note i have been trying to make healthier food choices. I’ve been doing oatmeal in a mason jar on the way to work, dont worry i sit in traffic im not eating oatmeal at 60mph.



Oatmeal, brown sugar and fruit. Basic and delicious.

Remember that running wall i was working on.


I started the begining of mine



Lunch today was a delicious vegetarian burrito.


Thank goodness for Excercise. I’ll be getting on the bike here soon.

How was your night?

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