Having a bad day

Today is one of those days when i wonder why i came back to Oregon. The one friend i hung out with regularly just moved to indiana, though I’m very happy for her I’m going to greatly miss our weekly dinner dates. All my other what i thought were friends up here have turned to just acquaintances.

My job isn’t quite as enjoyable as it was last time, there is no comrodery or friendship like before. It feels very every person for themselves and less supportive. If i was still i Fernley i could be working as a substitute teacher and   work as little or as much as i wanted once the bills were paid.

I know nothing is ever the same when you go back but ibam just really feeling the difference. Also i am sick and just exhausted from still going to work so maybe I’ll feel better tomorrow.

I know if i hadn’t come to Oregon i wouldn’t have my dog and i wouldn’t have met my boyfriend, though im seeing him so little right now because of his job that may not be the best argument to cheer me up right now. 

Right now Oregon just isn’t feeling like the home it used to be.

2 thoughts on “Having a bad day

  1. Hopefully it is just the cold messing with you. You do have Artemis and even though he’s a busy guy, you do have your boyfriend. It’ll get better!

  2. You are sick, which, in itself always makes us feel worse and very easy to be depressed. Amber is right, you have Artemis and after New Years Bryan’s work should slow down. You also aren’t quite up to speed from surgery and then get hit with being sick twice in the last 2 weeks. On the bright side, as you and I both know, you have a get away planned for this weekend. I guarantee you will have a good time with all the people you will be with!!! :)))

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