So the guy made me salmon with an herb sauce, salad and mashed potatoes. Oh and a champagne drink that was yummy.


That’s from google, i haven’t subjeted him to photos for the blog yet lol.

And i lost 2 hours of my life watching pandorm


Dennis Quaid, i am disappointed in you.

This morning i got up and headed to the airport to fly back Reno for my friends wedding.


We hit some turbulence which was a little scary. Its amazing how the older i get the more turbulance my flights seem to hit, or maybe it just sticks with me more now.

I enjoyed lunch at the airport


Got MOD pizza, it was really quick and yummy, i liked the super thin dough.


Reno is so classy isn’t it? Hahahahaha

Had to pick up some shoes for the wedding and spent some time with my friend. Now im in my room relaxing, watchig American ninja warrior lol


I had dinner delivered because i dont have a car. I chose the cheapest of my options but tried to be healthy and fill up on mostly the salad. And ive got enough pizza for the rest of my trip lol


And now i need to reserve a car to rent for tomorrow.

How did you spend your Saturday?

Have you ever rented a car? This will be my first time.

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