My week/weekend.

Hi!!!! It was another crazy week with people being out sick, people on vacation and training. It like i didnt even have time to breathe at work this week.
On Monday i rocked my race t-shirt.


Ate lots of things i shouldn’t.


Enjoyed my frittatas i made with salsa on them.


The coffee date i had on Thursday turned into 3 more dates and i am completely smitten. Seriously amazing man. Brought me my favorite flowers for our dinner date


Sent a bouquet to my work the next day.
And left a bouquet and starbucks coffee for my as a surprise on my car Saturday morning when he was on his way out of town.


Saturday my roommate and i signed up at the 24 hour fitness here and went swimming.

On sunday a group of friends went paintballing, my first time ever


Im sold, i totally loved it!!!
But i ended up with some wicked bruises/welts.


Just under mu left shoulder blade


On my mid right thing.
I also have a crazy bug bite on my upper left thigh that is killing me.

Sunday night C and i went for a quick swim at the gym and now its bed time and back to work tomorrow!

Luckily i have a date tomorrow night with the amazing guy to look forward to 😄

How was your weekend?
Try anything new?

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