Up and down, up and down April 12th

Hi everybody,

No i am not talking about the hills though obviously it is up and down. I am talking about my mood.

Well lets start from the beginning. Mom dropped me off around 9:30am


Walking away from my mom into the wilderness by myself was terrifying.

Thankfully the uphills weren’t too bad today and the scenery was beautiful.


Lots of wide valley shots.

But it didn’t take long to feel very lonely. I really missed my mom being there. When i stopped for lunch i found a small campground with picnic tables and some awesome shade. I ate with 4 other hikers, all really nice people. I hung out for about 2 hours and rested. Filtered some more water to get me to the next water source. It was my first time ever filtering water! My steripen worked yay!

I left before they did because i hike slower lol. When i got to the top of the mountain after leaving the campground i thought i saw a crashed plane on top! When i got there i realized it was this super fancy hang glider! Later walking i saw the hang glider out in the air, very cool!

One of the people i ate lunch with caught up to me and passed me but they camped about a mile or two before me because they had already gone 15 miles.

I made it about 11 miles which i’m really happy about and i only hiked for about 5 actual hours. But i did push myself a bit. I drink more water than last time but i’m still not that hungry and the thought of food makes me nauseous.

I forced down lunch but it’s 5:30pm and i haven’t had dinner yet. I’m hoping relaxing in my tent for a bit will help my appetite come. I know i need to eat.


Overall today was a good hiking day, probably didn’t get above 75-80 and there was a nice breeze most of the day but i just don’t know if i want to do this alone.

Of course as soon as i was having a low point i ran into someone from lunch and he told me the trails are a great place to meet someone likeminded lol, hmmmm can he read my mind?

But I still really miss having someone with me for support and a laugh and everything.

I dont know if solo hiking is for me. Ill see mom in about 3 more days so hopefully ill know by then, Well time to shove some food down and try to sleep. Hopefully i can get an early start tomorrow and do 15 miles.

Night Night!

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