April 14th, Julian!

Good Morning,

I set my alarm for 5:30 and we were up and hiking by about 6:20.

Again within about 20 minutes we were climbing up a mountain! Why!!!???? I could see the road into Julian, it was about 2 miles north of us and instead we had to wind around a mountain. Oh well. hiking in the early morning was nice and we booked it pretty good. It was about 3 miles of hiking up and down on the mountain then about 2 miles i walking across the desert floor then along the road. I have never been so happy to get to a highway in my life!!!

By the time we got there i was so done, my feet were killing me! We got to scissors crossing which is believe is where the 805 and the 78 meet. We walked to the 78 and had about 3 cars pass up then the 4th car stopped and picked Danielle and I up. It was a local woman who lived in Julian. She gave us a ride the 12ish miles into Julian.

Julian is such an adorable town!!! We stopped in at Granny’s to have breakfast.

OHHHHH man was it so good, my first full meal in over 2 days.


On top of what you see, i also had orange juice, a Dr. Pepper, and Country potatoes. YUM YUM! They also gave us vegan peanut butter cookies, scone samples and some like fire roasted apple filling samples. They were wonderful!

When we were finishing up and resting a bit Danielle asked the owners if they knew of a place she could do laundry because she was continuing on that night. A lovely woman was just getting off work and offered to take us home with her so Danielle could do laundry and take a shower.

Nicole was her name. She opened her home to us and was so kind!!! We hung out at her house for 3-4 hours and she and i just talked and talked. Turns out we went to the same high school! Not at the same time but still. They were so wonderful! A true trail angel.

Mom drove all the way Julian to come pick me up. We hit traffic on the way back but overall it was nice. We stopped for McDonalds and Subway hahaha. It is so good to have food in my stomach again and not feel sick!

Getting to my Grandmas and taking a shower was also wonderful! The dirt was pretty caked on and i smelled pretty ripe!!


And that is after only 2.5 days!!!!

I slept on the couch and it felt amazing!!! LOL

2 thoughts on “April 14th, Julian!

  1. What an amazing few days! I’m sure the ups and downs are tough by yourself 😦 hopefully you decide to do more of the trail! I think you can find more people to hike with for bits like Danielle did 😉

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