We leave tomorrow!!!!

Happy Easter everyone!!!!!
And happy birthday to me! Today i am 27 years old…..and i took a 2 hour nap today, whew my age is hitting me lol!!! No really i think its the stress and nerves. There is so much to do and so little time. Thankfully the universe seems to be letting me get what i need accomplishmed in the short time i have.

Mom and i went for a little test walk around the block last night.

I hope this video works out. Its my first one since i bought Videopress.
Videopress is an upgrade from wordpress (this blog site) so i can upload my videos directly from my phone to the blog instead of from my phone to my mom’s computer then to YouTube then to the blog lol.

Well after my errands are done the day will be spent with family then mom and i will check, double check, and recheck that we have everything and attempt to get some sleep tonight then the real adveture begins!!!! See you all tomorrow!!!!

Oh a quick message. In case you dont know, i wont have any kind of regular service to upload the blog so i will be writing them on my phone and uploading when i have service. So dont freak if you dont see a post for a few days or even a week.

Talk to you soon!!!!!

5 thoughts on “We leave tomorrow!!!!

  1. Videopress totally worked. I’m so proud of you honey! You and your Mom are going to rock the PCT. I just wish I was there in LB to give you a giant hug before you hit the trail … and probably cry uncontrollably for a bit as I watch you take this journey. You are an amazingly strong woman, Ariana, and I am blessed to have you as a sister. Love you!

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