A week of visiting and emotions

Hi guys!!!!

We leave in two days ahhhhh!!!!
Today mom and i are test packing our packs.


Finding every nook and cranny in our packs to fill.


Went to an Easter egg hunt with my sister, neice and nephew.



And yes Auntie Ariana helped herself to some of her niece’s candy hahaha.

I’ve been visiting with friends


Relaxed at the beach


And have been fed by all my friends from home cooked pancko crusted turkey and garlic bread to my first taste of chic-fil-a.

We also finally put my dad and grandpas ashes in their wall at the cemetery so that was an emotional day.

It has been a great week of visiting and lots of EATING!
Tomorrow we are spending Easter with the family then Monday it is time to leave ahhh! This will be an anxious 36ish hours!

Talk to you soon!!!!

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