I totally wimped out on my first attempt

Hi everyone!!!!!! So i stumbled across a tweet this week that intrigued me, i followed the link and was taken to a blog.

I read through the blog and was impressed with the idea, ok i was impressed with all his blogs i looked at lol, but decided to try this one out. So like i told you in my about me, i have never been a huge camper and the thought of sleeping outside without the bug and critter protection of a tent was a total no-no for me. I read this blog and felt inspired to really give it a try and challenge myself. I also thought it would be a great way to test my sleep system for the cold weather because the projected temperature kept dropping. By the time i went outside they said it was going to get down to 24 degrees F.

So i got everything all set up and stayed inside until about 10:30pm then went out, lit the fire, had s’mores with my brother, then he and my mom went inside to the nice warm house and i crawled into my sleeping bag.

Being able to lay down and stare at the stars was amazing! Very beautiful, saw a few shooting stars and just loved it. Then i started to hunker down and try and get comfortable. My feet and legs were a little cold so i added my silk liner to the bottom of my sleeping bag. My body was pretty much warm enough to sleep but i then either had to put my face in the sleeping bag, which didn’t allow enough new oxygen versus carbon dioxide for me to be comfortable or my mouth had to be outside my sleeping bag which was freezing and then made the rest of me be cold. It was a conundrum. Also i had just piled some clothes together to make my pillow, which was not comfortable and had to keep being moved around so i do need to get some type of small camping pillow.

So i ended up giving up and coming inside so that i could get a full nights sleep. The next day i was supposed to help my mom lay bricks and cement in the yard so i needed rest, also i didn’t have a full day of hiking under my belt to make me sleepy enough to fall asleep no matter how cold it is. This helped me work out some of the kinks in my sleep system that i can fix and try again in a few weeks. I am glad i tried and also glad to have piece of mind that my sleep system can keep me alive in extreme systems. If i was comfortable enough at about 28-29 degrees F than i know i can survive down in the teens and lower……i just wouldn’t sleep very well hahaha.

Are you going to take this challenge?

Talk to you soon 🙂

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