Dollar store score!

Hi Everyone!!

2.5 months to go and can feel the panic and excitement setting in.

I am still slowly plugging away at buying food to make all my meals. I just bought my last box of peanut butter packets for my lunches off amazon. I love that they are individualy packaged and they are all natural and yummy!



This morning my mom and i went out for a short walk, one of my first few walks since i got sick, i need to kick my butt back into workout gear. (Look for some hiking videos soon!!!)

Then I hit the local dollar store and totally scored. I hit the medical section because i didn’t really want to have the amounts that you get in a grocery or drug store and didn’t want to pay the prices so this was perfect.


In the grand scheme it wasn’t a huge shopping trip but a this point anything crossed off the list is a great day hahahaha!

Talk to you soon!!!!

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