Here we come a-wassailing…..

As I have mentioned once or twice (hahahaha) a farm (or a city girls version of a farm) is one of my end goals for my future so I love to look back at old traditions and think about what I would want to do on my farm. I do plan on having some fruit trees so Wassailing will be a thing in my life. You may have heard the Christmas carol but do you know the story behind it?

According to Wikipedia there are 2 types of wassailing, one that is basically caroling though you would take a big bowl of wassail around to your neighbors and sing for them and offer them a cup of wassail. The 2nd type, and one I want to do, is to drink to the health of the trees on Twelfth night. You make a big pot of basically spiced cider and add pieces of toast to it, then you head out while singing and banging pots and pans (if you wish) out to the orchard and stick pieces of this wassail soaked toast on the branches of the orchard trees and pour a little wassail at the base and toast to the health of the trees. This is supposed to appease the universe and help ensure you have a plentiful harvest the next year. There are still many places in England that carry on this tradition and I read a book about a farm on the East coast side of the US that does and I just love it. It sounds so fun and I am all about embracing old traditions like this. So hopefully in a few years at most you will see some awesome posts about us Wassailing our fruit trees!!!!