1st trimester and the last harvest

I am incredibly thankful that is was so,easy for me to get pregnant both times and I dont take that for granted but I do not enjoy pregnancy. Pregnancy tends to hit me really hard.

I think I am right on the cusp of that hyperemesis gravitarium. WITH anti-nausea meds from my dr I still throw up a few times a day. So far in both pregnancies I have been able to keep hydrated enough to not need IV hydration. I dont worry too much about nutrition in the beginning of my pregnancies, I eat whatever I can keep down the best. My first pregnancy that was a lot of fast food, this pregnancy its been a lot of noodle and rice dishes.  I also take a prenatal vitamin everyday.

Thank goodness for Gerber raviolis and skillet meals so my little man still had a semi balanced diet on the crazy days when all I could get down where mashed potatoes and top ramen. Also, because he is still young formula is a staple in his diet (my milk dried up around 6 months) so I never had to worry too much about him.

Now I got pregnant in August and I threw up for the first time 3 days before my positive pregnancy test…..yea it started that early. Thankfully it took a few weeks to really gear up but by mid September I was miserable…..and we were drowning in tomatoes and had a fair amount of carrots. I have said it every pregnancy, I dont know how the woman of the past did it. Pregnancy knocks me on my a** and I dont have to work even half as hard as they did to put food on my families table and if I miss the harvest my family wont starve this winter.

That being said, no one wants to waste their harvest. Thankfully my mon tries to come up every 3ish months to visit her grandbaby and boy did she earn her keep in September. She cleaned the house and did our laundry and helped me get the bulk of our carrots cut up so I could dehydrate them easily over a few days. We got lots of cherry tomatoes harvest, cleaned and bagged in the freezer. We also made a big vat of homemade chicken soup to eat for the week after she left…….which i ended up throwing almost all of it out because the smell of the cooked chicken made me puke. Couldnt even give it to my little man, just a hint of the smell had me running to the bathroom lol.

But with all that we have made it through the 1st trimester and we are happily settling into the slower winter months.

We have ALSO given away probably 5 or 6 dz eggs at least because guess what?! Eggs havent sounded good to me either! Lol. Ive managed to use a few here and there but man. I am actually begging these chickens to slow their production down now that its gettings darker. We are finally getting them back in our diet a bit but we are still swimming in eggs hahahahahaha

I need to get garlic in the ground this week or it will probably be too late. I am battling a cold which is zapping my energy so we will see………

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