A name for our “farm”


When I first started this blog I asked for help naming it. I believe it was my friend Aimee who came up with Trailing the Blonde. Now I need help coming up with a name for our “farm”. Well I call it a farm, its only a quarter acre right hahahaha but I want the name to be something that represents where we are now but will also be carried with us as we hopefully move to a large plot of land one day.

Comment with your ideas!! And feel free to ask questions about us and our “land” to come up with ideas.

2 thoughts on “A name for our “farm”

  1. Gail reminded me that your dad sometimes had a nickname of Woody. So I suggest Woody Ranch or Woody Farmstead. Although, after a google search shows there is a Robert Woody Ranch in CA already.

    This is difficult because there’s a lot of ranches and farms that have the names I’m thinking of. So far, Jogtrot Ranch has not been taken.

    What about Braid Reading Ranch or Braidon Ranch?

    Is there something special that would have meaning for you and Brandon? Like a book or a flower.

    1. I like the idea of incorporating my dad and maiden name somehow but Woody is usually a nickname for a dudes hardon so probably not hahahah but i like incorporating the word wood somehow maybe. Hmmm well we had sunflowers in my bouquet cause they are my favorite and the maple leaf is really big in vermont where we got married so something like maplewood farms would be aspirational cause i would love to be on enough land one day to have maple trees lol but we certainly dont have any yet.

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