Weekly update

Worked on some yummy, healthy food this week that was dairy free and gluten free while we figure out what the baby is allergic to

The garden is doing great! We are getting things planted here and there between naps

Harvest blend of potato starts, where the sticks are
2 rows of red onions, 2 rows of yellow
Radishes. Once these are havested I will plant more onions.
Lettice, broccoli, and leek starts and carrots from seed
Celery and choy
Thyme and dill in the cloth bags and snap peas in the long box

The chickens are just over 3 weeks and getting big!!! I’m hoping to move them outside full time in about 2-3 weeks

Still working on figuring out the little mans skin stuff. We got him allergy tested and he didn’t react to anything so on to the next step. I am still going to cut dairy and most gluten to see if it helps.

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