Big News

Hello!! I have been gone for quite some time and this is why!!!

I am a mom!

I did not enjoy pregnancy for the most part. I was pretty sick until about week 20. I threw up enough to need to get anti-nausea meds from the Dr. I had a lot of bloating through most of the pregnancy so I never felt super great. I did love feeling him kick and seeing him on the ultrasound but I will definitely never be someone who says they love being pregnant.

I also got Covid in my 3rd trimester which complicated things. Thankfully it wasn’t serious enough for me to need to be hospitalized but it did turn my pregnancy into a higher risk since there were so many unknows. After I had recovered and passed the contagious period they did an extra ultrasound to check on him and I went in for weekly non-stress tests to check on his heartbeat and movement until he was born.

I will do a whole blog on my birth story here shortly so I will skip that for now.

After we came home with him I suffered from severe post partum anxiety and depression. I will also do a separate blog post on this so look for that soon.

All that being said my little nugget is going to be 14 weeks old on Thursday and I am going to try and get back to blogging more normally. I have done a few runs since birth, am starting a Beachbody Barre Blend workout program, spring planting is starting and I am now a stay at home mom!!! Well mostly, I will occasionally pick up some shifts at my old job on the weekends when they need a fill in but generally I will be home raising my son….oh and we got chickens!!!!

May I formally introduce my son. Robert!

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