Bread! And gardening thoughts

After probably almost 2 years I finally pulled the bread maker my mom gave me from the garage and into the house…..and proceeded to make 3 loaves of bread. Potato bread, banana bread and rosemary cheese bread. The potato bread was a mix from Bob’s Red Mill and turned out amazing

Then I made banana bread but it wasnt the most dessert like kind you are thinking, it only had 1.5 tbsp sugar and 1.5 tbsp honey and it had yeast and everything. It is like normal bread with a slightly sweet banana cinnamon finish. Very subtle sweetness and tastes amazing with butter. The rosemary cheese bread is also more of a subtle herb and cheese flavor instead of a smack you in the face flavor. I used recipes from an old bread machine book. I’m excited to slowly work my way through it.

I am starting to think about this years garden and i am going to try square foot gardening. Making my plans and layouts it looks like I will be able to plant about 3x as much (if not more) in almost the same amount of space. soo this will be amazing or do terribly hahahahaha. We will see. The premise with square foot gardening is that the plant has enough room to grow but they are also close enough that light doesnt filter down to the ground so weeds grow a lot less because they dont get any sunlight…..

Rain is forecast all week so no garden work for me cause its going to be a swampy mess. Once we get a few clear days I am going to start turning soil and working on the beds…..but that probably wont be for several weeks.

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