The Pants of Perspective: One Woman’s 3,000 Kilometre running adventure through the wilds of New Zealand

Good morning! Yay I got one good read before school, we will see if I can squeeze in another one.

I liked this book a lot, it was a fun, easy read. It helped motivate me to get to the gym and do my workouts on days I wasn’t super into them. For me reading about someone’s adventures always makes me keen to keep my plans in motion. I can’t currently pick up and get out there for a long term adventure but I can continue on my own adventure which this year consists of a half, full and ultra marathon with my love.

It doesn’t hurt that one of the blogs I really enjoy reading, she is currently hiking the same trail in New Zealand as was run in this book so that was cool! You can check her blog out here.

All in all a good fun read, I can tell it wasn’t thoroughly edited by a big publishing company as there are a few snags here and there but it was a fun read, motivated me and I read it for “free” on kindle unlimited (I say “free” cause it’s $10/month but lets me read a bunch of books on my phone, tablet, and computer so I can’t complain too much.) When I am too busy with school or life to make the $10/month worthwhile I just shut down my subscription and come back to it when I have time, Amazon is great like that.

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