Weekend Wrap-Up

How often do you have one of those weekends that ends way too soon (always hahaha) and not only does it end too soon but it ends just terribly! Where you come back from the weekend more stressed out then you went into it?

That was me this weekend. But lets start from the beginning.

I did bad meal prep last weekend and bought too many expensive snacks, example the $4 salad below

I did get some running in though which was good. More couch to 5k for the win!

Glad I kept my heart rate up.

Look at that best!!! That is awesome for me, even if I only held it for 90 seconds but still!

Friday (which is my Sunday) The bf and I went to his grandparents house (they live on a small farm and I love it out there. Friday night we went to the local high school football game, the bf’s grandfather does the chains for the game, (he volunteers and holds the sign for 1st down and 2nd and all that stuff). Everything was great even though we stayed a little late meaning I was going to lose some sleep but that was ok.

The really bad part is that my stupid car has been acting up lately. Yep the first car I ever bought on my own has to have issues, like major issues, there is a class action lawsuit about this model. I have an appointment at the dealership this coming Thursday so it just needs to keep running until then and be a cheap, easy fix. Send my car healing thoughts please……as well as my bank account in case it costs an arm and a leg. Anyways the terrible part is that the car is starting stall, at red lights……while driving…….it is a manual transmission that shifts automatically……..really Ford? That will teach me…..Ariana read reviews about cars before you buy them!!!!!! Boy I am learning a lot of life lessons, especially financial ones this year, if only those lessons didn’t cost so much. No matter what happens I will figure it out.

So today after work my plan is to go home, go for a run, wash a few dishes and hide in my room watching movies and not thinking about anything finance related.

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