4 weeks to Europe!!!

4 weeks to international travel, here is what you should have done:

-Notify all banks and credit cards when and where you will be traveling. The last thing you want is to be overseas and have your account frozen due to unknown charges.

-Order any last minutes things online. Even if you have amazon prime you never know if that one thing you want isn’t on prime or something gets lost in the mail.

-Pre-packing/travel checklist. Time to make a list and check it twice, how many outfits do you need? Toiletries? Documents? Vaccines (this should have been done earlier)? Also if you need any Visa’s for your travel make sure you have received them and they are in order?

-Triple check any and all deposits or last minute due bills are paid and ready to go. Don’t want to show up and find out you didn’t pay for that excursion.

-Research and buy anything upfront that you can. (this week I am buying my skip the line pass for Vatican City) The last thing you want is to waste your time standing in a 5 hour line.

-Check for deals. Groupon is international! Like I am buying above check and see if there are any skip the line deals or fast pass kind of things. Usually these do not cost much extra and are soooo worth it. Also verify the language of your tours, don’t want to get stuck listening to Spanish or German if you don’t know the language.

One thought on “4 weeks to Europe!!!

  1. One extra tip: Email copies of bank cards and passports to yourself, in case they are lost or stolen. I use a “dummy” email account that is not linked to my phone.

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