Long but Fun Day

I woke up around 8:30 this morning and planned on hitting the gym, but last week i signed up to be a drivers helper for a delivery service and this morning they came a-calling. After 7 hours of running packages this is my state of mind

I finally tried this weird oatmeal thing i got as swag at a race, it was a quick dose of food which was awesome but oatmeal applesauce is odd. 

It didn’t taste bad but it’s not something i would get on a normal basis. But I was able to suck it down in between stops so major props on that and it kept me going for awhile. 

After work the boyfriend took me out to a buffet for dinner becuase i was STARVING!!!! 

Then we watched Star Wars number 4, a new hope in preparation for the new one tomorrow. Tonight is the first star wars i have watched all the way through……

Amd now it’s time for me to pass out. 

How was your Friday?

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