A new Adventure 

Well another life adventure is underway, yesterday afternoon i got fired from my job. First time in my life I have ever been fired, it was not pleasant. 

I feel very betrayed by several people in how it happened but that is life. That is all I am going to say about the job. I will focus on the positives this is a new opportunity for me! I haven’t been happy at my job in a long time, friendships I thought would hold true fell apart when I left to hike the trail and were never mended, so c’est la vie. 

I can now focus on setting myself up with a job or jobs that I like. The 9-5 grind is not my dream so I am working on making my dreams come true. I’ll keep you posted as things advance.

11 thoughts on “A new Adventure 

  1. Good riddance to a bad workplace environment!!! We both know that it wasn’t the same company it used to be the first time you worked there. That’s why you were so unhappy and why they have such a high turnover rate. It all works according to life’s plan, so look ahead to what is in store!!!

  2. So sorry to hear!

    But best to rid yourself of toxic environments.

    I hope u find something awesome. I look forward to hearing about ur new adventures.

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