Weekend Wrapup 

Friday i wanted a light healthy lunch so i got salad rolls from a place near work 

And since it was payday i also enjoyed some Starburks 

Saturday my cousin was in town and we went on a little hike. 

This is us Pre-hike 

It was pouring rain so i left my phone in the car.  I pulled a few images from Wikipedia to show you a little of our hike. It was beautiful 

After the hike we looked like drowned rats lol

We did 5 miles with something like 1600ft elevation gain. It was a little tough but awesome.  

The rest of my day was spent enjoying a movie marathon with the pups. 

Today was meal prep, making dog food, doing laundry and dishes. 

Slow cooker dog food (before it was cooked)

I actually really enjoy meal prep 

I remade a meal that i had gotton from helloe fresh a few months ago

And decided to make chicken enchiladas 

All assembled before i put them in the oven

My pan seared chicken

I used broccoli instead of broccolirabb because my local safeway didn’t have it. 

The presentation isn’t super pretty but the enchiladas, rice and beans taste great lol. 

The rest of the day was cuddling with the dogs. 

Wednesday is the anniversary of my dads death and i am already having an emotional time of it. We’ll see how this week turns out. 

I miss him so much. 

I love you daddy. 

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