A Hell of a day

The day started off normal enough, got up went to work and all that, then just before 3pm my roommate called and told me the other half of the Duplex we live in……burned down!!! The fire department broke our door down and got our dogs out, I raced home. They had brought the dogs back and thank goodness they were fine and somehow miraculously our side of the Duplex escaped completely unscathed.  

The other side was completely decimated, everything was lost or melted beyond saving. On closer inspection I could see that the siding of the house melted off all the way to our side and just stopped. I have no explanation except a freaking miracle. 

My roommates dog is recovering nicely I think but I can tell my dog is still pretty traumatized. I can also tell that she was so scared because she has completely zonked out….on top of me which is not normal for her

 And now it is time for sleep. 

2 thoughts on “A Hell of a day

  1. Holy crap! I’m glad for the miracle that your side was unharmed! Poor Artemis! Hope she feels better soon!

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