New Trainer!!!

My awesome trainer that i was working with left 24 hour fitness, because she is awesome and has a lot of other things on her plate. Anyways, i took like 3 weeks off from weight training and then ran my half marathon and took a week off, but i knew i needed to get back in the gym and get a new trainer lined up. I still have 10 sessions left on my current personal training plan.

I went in to spin on Tuesday night and the manager was there so i talked to him about setting me up with a new trainer. There was a guy that my trainier had recomended and someone at work knew him and liked him too so i chose him.

Today we had our free intro session, sort of a meet and greet, go over my goals and did a few moves so he could see how my body moved and check my form and all that.

My new trainer has a background in body building,


(photo from pintrest)

So we will be going lots of weights, which i am excited about. I just have to make sure i keep on myself about my triathlon and marathon training because i am not sure he will. We will see how that goes.

I will keep you posted!!!!!

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