Day Hike, Saturday July 11, 2015

So it is the 10th, the night before the hike and packing is bringing back a flood of memories from the PCT. As crazy hard and emotional as it was…..I miss it!!!

It is so weird to pack for a day hike near a city, the last time i packed for a hike it was with the knowledge that i would have to survive for days on just what was in my pack. Now, just as then, i have to try not to overpack hahahahaha.

Ill add more tomorrow!

I got up at about 4:45 to meet my friend.

The hike was pretty, very green and the mist made it a little magical. We were the only ones one the trail.






The traio went up, up, up, up then down, down, down, down. And clearly the trail hadnt been used much because at least 1/3rd of it was super overgrown. We did some serious bushwacking!

Overall it was tiring but i enjoyed it. Now for a shower than dinner and a movie with the roommates!!!!

***The videos take forever to load so if you are looking at this right over i post it, come back in like two hours lol.

2 thoughts on “Day Hike, Saturday July 11, 2015

  1. I’m so glad all worked out for you to move back to Oregon. I think it is where you are supposed to be! You are always doing some outdoor /social activity. I enjoy seeing! Thanks for sharing

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