Damage control

Well its time to asses the situation. I let myself get a nice little belly when i came home to get ready for the trail. And some of my more toned muscles have turned back toward flab, now this wouldn’t have been a problem since i was going to walk for 6 months but since that version of the plan has gone out the window, its time for damage control.


This morning my grandmas scale said i weight 157lbs. Yikes! My goal, along with figuring out where to live and a job and you know all that small stuff hahahaha, i would like to get down to about 135-140 by the time i move in the beginning of July.
This is of course a rough estimate, if i get to 143 and im chocked full of tone and love the way i look, of course that will be good enough.


Mom and i are tweaking our Starbucks drinks to lower the calories. I went from a tall 2 shot carmel frapachino to a tall iced coffee with 1 pump mocha and 1 pump classic and a bit of cream. Im saving like 250 calories a drink. We love the reduced fat turkey bacon sandwich. Great kick of protein in the morning and not too bad considering its fast food like.


We walked the 1 mile from my grandmas down here and will walk it back. Well hobble in my case. My feet are protesting since yesterday afternoon, otherwise we would have added another mile or two to our walk, but gotta let my feet heal.
Im using the sparkpeople app on my phone to start tracking my calories.
These next few months will be interesting…….
Oh and i signed up on eharmany last night lol.
Talk to you soon!!!!

7 thoughts on “Damage control

  1. eHarmony huh.. 🙂

    I’ve had a couple of lady friends that has met their husbands on eHarmony!

    Let us know what you have decided!

  2. Oh…. Happy to hear about the eharmony sign up. Can’t wait to see how you life unfolds. It’s fun to watch and hear all about it. I love you and wish you the best in your life and love. Your auntie Tina.

    1. What an Adventurer you have become, good luck, and keep your eyes wide open ! Excited to follow you 🙂

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