Now comes a big step in this crazy journey…..The lease is up on my apartment and i have given notice at work. I am moving back home to live with my mom so i can save the money i would have spent on rent and utilities and instead buy better quality gear that could be potentially life saving…..especially in the snow equipment area. The only possible hitch in this plan is finding a halfway decent paying job back home lol….wish me luck!!!!

Now due to the joys and bureaucracy of apartment complex living, they screwed up my move out date……in all honesty i also made a very naive move, i went into the office and verbally confirmed my lease end and move out date because they had given me conflicting paperwork…….my thick blonde skull (who is living in her first apartment ever) figured that confirmation was all that i needed, NOPE!

So i am here about 3 weeks longer than anticipated, but that is ok, live and learn baby.

I have been slowly packing

My mom fit all of this in her car last time she was in town and since then i have been doing a box a night hahaha

Good thing i don’t eat in the dining room LOL

As of now i have about 4 more boxes packed and mom is coming into town tonight. We will then be packing like fiends due to the fact that i had planned on moving out August 2nd so the Uhaul is already reserved and will be being loaded on Sunday. For 2.5 weeks i will have clothes and a blow up mattress and nothing else hahaha. Let the first part of the adventure begin!!!!

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