My First Treat!

Hello all!

Well it is a bit premature but I already bought my first treat for my resupply boxes!!!

I think I will end up doing half resupply boxes, half buying food in towns, maybe every other one or so, but ill cover that more in depth later.

So obviously when hiking 8-9 hours a day you need carbs and protein, I was introduced to this AWESOME oatmeal, by a company called Straw Propeller. They only sweeten with cane sugar and it’s all organic and it tastes AMAZING!!!!! Seriously the yummiest, healthiest oatmeal I have ever eaten. Of course with awesomeness comes costliness, but I think it is worth it for a good treat on the trail.

blogblog 2

I am also going to have to sacrifice more than a few extra bucks for this yumminess, they are bulky and not worried about weight, which is also why I will only allow myself probably 2 at most 3 per resupply box.

blog 3blog 4

But that is all worth it!!! I salivate over this oatmeal when I am not burning 6000-8000 calories a day so I know I am going to devour it on the trail!!!!!

blog 5blog 6

I am sure I will end up posting a video of me inhaling it one day on the trail πŸ™‚

The pictures are the 3 flavors i have chose to order. (Though my mom ordered a few cases of different flavors so i may tray and snag one or two of her other flavors for a bit of extra variety πŸ™‚ Β )

Have you ever tried Straw Propeller oatmeal? If so what is your favorite flavor?


One thought on “My First Treat!

  1. I haven’t tried their oatmeal yet, but, I had their Peanut Butter Apple Muesli. It was so awesome, I ordered a case of it along with 4 different varieties of oatmeal.

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